Wednesday, June 25, 2008

this is a photo from a place in nashville that i visited with gary last week called "hatch show print"...i think its the oldest letter press in america and was founded i think in 1876..we got a tour from Jim, the guy who runs the place..he was really nice and told us the whole history..after the tour he kind of cut us loose to go was amazing!!
they still have all of the original letters and characters and was pretty intense..
this first photo is of some of thier clients..i think they take the tape of of the frame when they are done making the posters and just slap them on the wall..there were about 5 more of these walls!!
i will post more as they get scanned..
...thanks to josh goleman for helping me scan this and color correct it (or whatever you do to a b+w image)..he is a damn genius and a wiz and an all around great dude/artist..check out his work..theres a link to him the right..look!!!

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robert said...

Kevin your photos kick major a** !!